Sparkway brings products to market faster, simpler, and more cost effectively. Our world class leaders use straight-forward terminology, making software development easy to manage. We use an advanced form of Business Driven Development where tasks are like simple contracts. No questions on what’s to be delivered, how much it costs, or how long it will take.

While our “sweet spot” is media & advertising, our successes are spread over a variety of industries such as health, beauty, eCommerce, and more. Whether you’re an early startup or long-established, Sparkway has the technology resources and leadership needed to elevate your business.




Our industry experts help you create innovative value propositions. Competitive strategies are essential to success, but not so easy in today’s market. Whether helping clients invent new business models or performing due diligence for investors, our world class experts turn business ideas into winning opportunities.




The talent you need, when you need it, for as long as you need it. The old model of hiring, managing and retaining IT staff is dead. We empower businesses by providing agile solutions that are constantly remolded – or even replaced – as the business evolves.




Our “Tech-in-a-box” strategy bridges the gap between business and technology.

We’ve evolved software delivery from a black art to a science, bringing products to market quickly and cost-effectively. The Sparkway model empowers startups and lean teams to remain flexible without unexpected cost overruns.



Proud Member of the New Jersey Technology Council


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