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Sparkway builds intelligent online solutions that engage, measure and target audiences. Through advanced web and mobile software, artificial intelligence and unique visualization, we transform data into business success. We develop software, manage data and integrate hardware devices. We work with:
  • iOS & Android
  • Web technologies
  • Rich media
  • Machine learning / Predictive analytics
  • Programmatic media buying/selling
  • Yield optimization
  • Audience hyper-segmentation
  • Personalized creatives
  • Internet of Things (IOT)
As the technology arm of Predict, our common objectives led us to develop the Audience Intelligence Platform (AIP). AIP is being utilized by some of the largest media companies in North America. We also engage in strategic partnerships with groups like Prohaska Consulting and Princeton Partners, where we can create innovative solutions for some of the biggest players in the media and advertising world.


Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

Data fuels business. It has the power to bring on new services, better margins, and competitive differentiators. We look at data in two ways: (1) What is its potential value and (2) how much of that value has been realized. From that perspective we build machine learning systems that mine the greatest value and make the most valuable predictions.

Custom Software Solutions

Across web, mobile and IOT, we approach projects using Business Driven Development. We start top-down by converting business requirements into automated test-cases. We then write the code that precisely satisfies the requirements.

Fractional CTO/CIO

Businesses often need top-tier technology guidance, but can’t justify a full time resource or can’t attract world-class players as a full-time hire. In those cases, fractional CTOs make a lot of sense, often with the goal of setting a roadmap and handing off to others once the steady state of operations is reached.


Sparkway began as an IT solutions provider in 2007 by merging the cachet of traditional media with the power of interactive online content. Founded by industry pioneer Jeff Marcus (24/7 Real Media, Mirror Image, DoubleClick, JvNCNET [John von Neumann Center Network at Princeton]), our first major project was in partnership with Tribune Company to produce the NY Residential television series and its integrated web properties. We then expanded to create many custom solutions in Media/Advertising, eCommerce, Social Media and secure healthcare.

Our philosophy is to provide business-driven solutions, where requirements are written in plain English and proven through continuous automated tests. Our solutions are optimized to user needs – with high levels of personalization, uniquely simple user interfaces and visualizations that make complex data easy to understand.


Sparkway has worked with a wide variety of companies across numerous industries, from start-ups to mid-size businesses, to provide IT services such as technology leadership, strategy, and development. Our focus on Big Data and predictive analytics enables advanced strategic growth for our clients and their businesses